Students Supervision and Evaluation

Ability to Lead Research (Habilitation)
(Title valid only in French Institutions)

  • Mustapha Lebbah
    Topic: Machine Learning and Classification
    LIPN-UMR 7030, Université Paris 13 –CNRS, (France)

Postdoctoral Level

  • Franz Pernkopf
    Topic: Fusion of Genetic Algorithm and Expectation-Maximization (GEM) Oakland University, Michigan (USA)

Ph.D. Dissertations

  • Nicoleta Rogovschi
    Topic: Classification à base de modèles de mélanges topologiques des données catégorielles et continues, Rapporteur (Evaluator)
    LIPN-UMR 7030, Université Paris 13 –CNRS, (France)
  •  Jun Tan
    Topic: Structural Hidden Markov Models and their Applications
    Oakland University, Michigan (USA)
  •  Krippa Sundar
    Topic: Design of Language Models for Handwriting Recognition
    Co-Principal Supervisor
    CEDAR, State University of New York at Buffalo, (USA)
  • Hadjer Ykhlef
    Topic: Machine Learning Paradigms in Real-time Game Theory
    University Saad Dahleb, Algeria
  • Mourad Debieb
    Topic: Real-time Abnormality Detection in a Flow of Video
    University of Sciences and Technolgies, Houari Boumediene, Algeria
  • Assia Baouta
    Topic: Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Models in Change Detection
    University of Sciences and Technolgies, Houari Boumediene, Algeria
  • Lotfi Hocini
    Topic: Informative Sampling for Semi-Supervised Learning
    Institution des stagiaires : Université Mouloud Mammeri, Algeria
  • Amel Sahraoui
    Topic : Deep Learning Architectures for Predictive Analytics
    University of Sciences and Technolgies, Houari Boumediene, Algeria
  • Yamina Benamane
    Topic : Detection and Classification of Abnormal Signal in Electrical Grids, University Ferhat Abbes, Algeria
  • Omar Bouredjam
    Topic : Abnormality Detection in ECG Signals using Deep Machine Learning, Université Saad Dahleb, Algeria             

Master Theses and Independent Studies

  • Dan Zoble
    Topic: Implementation of 3D Fold Protein Recognizer
    Oakland University, Michigan, USA
  • Mark Rossman (Grant DCX, Research funded by Daimler Chrysler 
    Topic: “Intelligent Systems in Vehicles Environment”
    Oakland University, USA
  • Kulkarni, Shruti G.
    Topic: Registration of Protein Tertiary Structures
    Oakland University, MI, USA
  • Dariusz Mikulski
    Topic: Classification based on Rough Set Theory
    Oakland University, MI, USA
  • Meha Perashar
    Topic: Generalized Structural Hidden Markov Models
    Oakland University, MI, USA
  • Shaun Tomasewski
    Topic: Recognition of Abnormal Events in Camera Monitoring Scenes,Oakland University, MI, USA
  • Praveen Cheruku
    Topic: Galaxy Classification using Galois Lattices (The GALILEO System), Oakland University, MI, USA, NASA Project, Galaxy Classification using Galois Lattices (The GALILEO System
  • Arun K. Jinde
    Topic: Linguistic Functions of Web-Crawlers: Case study:  Google, Oakland University, MI, USA
  • Krishna Baisetti
    Topic: Statistical Functions of Web-Crawlers: Case study: Google,
    Oakland University, MI, USA
  • Kalyani Pendharkar
    Topic: Simulation of a Virtual Shopping Cart
    Oakland University, MI, USA
  • Sawsan Aboul-Hassan
    Topic: Mapping Car Designs to Human Perceptions
    Oakland University, MI, USA
  • Lina Shoshani
    Topic: Handwriting Identification 
    Oakland University, MI, USA
  • Heather Smith and Jan Durand
    Topic: Topological Dynamic Bayesian Networks
    Grambling State University, LA, USA
  • Hamid Ali Aissaoui
    Topic: Online social links analysis on Facebook,
    University of Sciences and Technolgies, Houari Boumediene, Algeria
  • Mohamed Guerouachi
    Topic: Comparison betwen different dimensionality reduction techniques, University of Sciences and Technolgies, Houari Boumediene, Algeria
  • Bouchou Abdellah and Guettar Mohamed
    Topic: Embedded system for palm-hand recognition,
    University of Medea, Algeria
  • Dalila Boumdada
    Topic: Brain machine interface for movement classification,
    University Saad Dahleb, Blida, Algeria.