Grants, Awards and Distinctions


Invited by NASA in the Data Analysis Panel (Washington DC)


DOD Proposal: “Introduction to the Structural Hidden Markov Decision Processes”. DOD/Air Force 2008.


NSF CAREER: “Adaptive Structural HMM’s”, recommended for funding by the panel of the Adaptive Artificial Intelligence NSF Program, 2006.


Michigan Space Grant Consortium/ NASA: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, 2003:  (funded)Galaxy Classification using Galois Lattice Theory”.


Oakland University Fellowship, 2002 (funded)

“A Multimodal Computer System”

Project Description: Exploit other human senses that are more effective in performing a human-computer dialogue. Our ultimate short term consists of performing basic computer tasks as going online, browsing, checking electronic mails or loading files through only the user’s gaze. The long-term goal of this research consists of maximizing the level of customization by creating an efficient dialogue interface between the computer and the user. Each user’s need should be optimally satisfied.

Impact: We would like to design a computer system on demand.


REU NSF grant, 2002 (funded)

“Undergraduate Computer Research for Women at Oakland University”

Description: This project emphasizes the roles of female undergraduate in Computer Science and Engineering. Six applications have been proposed to the students in this proposal. My application consists of building a new computer system that can use eyes, speech or hands to click on buttons. A user can open files, go to the web by activating buttons through eyes gaze on the screen.

Impact:  Helps significantly disabled or non-disabled people, since it frees their hands.


Awarded IEEE Senior Member (2001)


European Excellence Grant AUPELF/UREF for a post-doctoral position in University of Québec at Montréal (UQAM) (1994-95)