Math 147

Taught: Fall 2009

Grambling State University, Louisiana, USA
Grambling State University, Louisiana, USA


We start this course by covering functions, graphs and applications as chapter 1. Graph of quadratic functions, quadratic equations, and complex numbers are laid in chapter 2. We address polynomial and rational functions in chapter 3. Divisions of polynomials, real zeros of polynomials, solutions of equations and complex zeros as well as the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra are introduced in this chapter. Chapter 4 is devoted to exponential and logarithmic functions whereas the concept of systems of equations (that invokes matrices) and inequalities are covered in chapter 8. Finally, we present general sequences and series, probability theory and mathematical inductions in chapter 10.



R. Narasimhan, Precalculus: Building Concepts and Connections, 1st Edition, Houghton Mifflin, © 2009


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