CSE 230 Object Oriented Computing I

Taught Winter 2003

Oakland University, Michigan, USA
Oakland University, Michigan, USA


We introduce this course by covering computing and the object-oriented design methodology. Both data structure and programming design will be emphasized. We will describe how a C++ program should be organized, commented and we extract the fundamental C++ object that are involved in the program. Control constructs including Boolean algebra, Boolean type, ifstatement, switch statement, while statement, simple string and character processing will be explained. We will tackle the function usage basics and libraries such as preprocessor, software libraries, iostream library, fstreamlibrary, and iomanip library. The class construct and object-oriented design that introduces programmer-defined data type, RectangleShape class, constructors will be covered as well. We will finally explore the concept of pointers and dynamic memory (constant pointers, arrays and pointers, character string processing) and the inheritance concept. This latter topic includes object-oriented design using inheritance, reuse via inheritance, and protected members.




J. P. Cohoon and J. W. Davidson, C++ Program Design, Third Edition, Mc-Graw Hill, 2002


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