CS 120 Computer Science II (JAVA II)

Taught: Spring 2008, 2009. Fall 2010

Grambling State University, Louisiana, USA
Grambling State University, Louisiana, USA


This course is a continuation of CS 110 (Computer Science I). 

We start this course by reinforcing some basic principles about object-oriented designs via laboratory sessions. The notion of array and the way to pass arrays to methods are parts of chapter 10. Sorting and searching techniques are the object of chapter 11. Files manipulation (Input and Output) using the “File” and the “JFileChooser” objects are covered in chapter 12. We present in chapter 13 the concept of inheritance that allows the use of subclasses as well as the concept of polymorphism that enables sending the same message to objects from different classes. Furthermore, we show in chapter 14 how one can build fancy and elaborate graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that allow customized windows and the use of event-driven programming that enables mouse movement detection, and clicking. Finally, we cover recursive algorithms to solve in an inductive manner some problems such as “Anagram”, “Towers of Hanoi” and “Quicksort”.



C. Thomas Wu, An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming With Java, 4th Edition, Mc Graw-Hill, © 2006


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